06 Apr Bridal Bouquet Tip

I am constantly amazed with how it seems you learn something new everyday. The tip below is something I learned from my friend Mandy Majerik, AIFD PFCI of HotHouse Design Studio and I thought it was truly worth passing along. Side note… if you’ve never met Mandy or been to her shop, you’re really missing out. Her place is SO cool!!

Recently, one of my clients and I met with Mandy to discuss floral needs for an upcoming wedding. When we began discussing the bridal bouquet, Mandy asked about the color of her bridal gown. My client wasn’t sure which shade of ivory/white it was and was a bit concerned about what color ribbon to use on her bouquet. Mandy gave her an excellent solution. She told my client generally during the alterations process there is leftover fabric that would be ideal for wrapping her bouquet… about 6 – 8 inches is all that is needed. She also said the same could be applied to the bridesmaids bouquets. What a great idea and it saves a little money… Bonus!

Beautiful classic bouquet of white roses wrapped to match the bride’s gown. Add rosary beads or a special broach for an extra elegant touch.

Elegant bouquet wrapped with matching fabric for the bridesmaids.

Create a cute little hair piece for your flower girl that matches your bridesmaids.

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