11 Sep Devon & Alex – Engagement

It’s wedding week for these two and we couldn’t be more excited about witnessing them say I Do. In love with all the details for this day and looking forward to watching another great team of vendors execute a great plan! In the meantime, hope you enjoy these gorgeous engagement photos from the talents at AL Weddings and the fun Q + A from the couple.


How/where did you meet and what did you do on your first date? Give us all the details…

Our story follows the cliche, “friends turned relationship” scenario. Alex and I met in the fall of 2009 at the Homewood vs. Vestavia homecoming football game. My best friend, and Maid of Honor, Katrina, knew Alex through working at the Shades Valley YMCA, and she invited him and a friend to tag along. It was awkward. Alex was shy, and I talked way too much, but overall it was a really fun, yet really strange night. We kept in touch over the next couple of years, and eventually became good friends. (Sidenote: Katrina mentioned numerous times over the course of those couple of years that she thought Alex had a small crush on me, and I never believed her. Boy was I blind!) During the summer of 2011, both Alex and I were working at that same YMCA. Over time and us getting to know each other even better, we eventually exchanged the typical “I like you, we should hang out” and Alex finally asked me on our first date. Being the fancy people we are, we went to the movies…the dollar movies in fact! We saw Scream 4. It was terrible, but we had such a good time. And like that, 5 years and 50+ scary movies later we’re still going strong!


Describe your dream date…

Honestly, any quality time Alex and I get to spend together is special. With us both being so busy with work and just the craziness of life in general, we don’t have a ton of time to do things together. We do carve out Thursday nights as our date night, which typically involves eating at a new restaurant, seeing a movie, or hanging out at a brewery. But if we’re talking absolute fantasy dream date…dinner and dancing…preferably in Paris…yeah that’d be quite alright with me!


What guilty pleasure do you share?

Alex and I defintely have a thing for the weird and terrfying, so scary movies are definitely our guilty pleasure. One of our favorite things to do is scroll through Netflix and find something we haven’t seen that looks both disturbing and frightnening. Usually the movies end up being awful, but it’s our thing! More so on the nerdy side, we also love finding new anime tv shows to binge watch. Those are the best!


Tell us all about the proposal… anything go not as planned or was it completely perfect?

The proposal was something I knew was coming. We had talked about it so much, I even thought I knew exactly when it was happening. Boy, was I wrong! One fateful night, Thursday, November 19, 2015, we were on our way to go to dinner and a movie. We were running late (as usual) and rushing around like crazy people trying to make it in time. When we finally get to our destination, the beautiful Bridge Street Town Centre in Huntsville, Alex mentions that we should take the more scenic route. Of course I was confused (and slightly annoyed), because we were running late, but I went with it. We walked around the back near a small lake that was lit with Christmas lights and decorations. We sat on a bench and took in the sights, and it was there overlooking the water that he proposed! To this day, I couldn’t tell you a word he said, I was in complete shock! But it was simple and special and amazing! Which is exactly what I wanted!


What do the two of you like to do together when you aren’t working?

I sound like a super broken record, but I can’t empahasize enough how much watching movies is our pastime. Eating good food and watching a good movie is basically what we live for! Randomly enough, we also like to play cards. Whatever game it may be, I pretty much always lose. But its still fun!


Any fur babies? If so what are their names?

We have the best fur baby in the world named Leo! He is an English Setter-Chihuahua mix! I know, I know, a very strange combination. But he’s adorable and has such energy and personality. I think of him more like a human than a pooch. 


Anything else fun you want to share about your story?

Gosh there’s probably so much more I could get into that I’m actually drawing a blank!


How or when did you know the other was THE one?

She said:
Well to be perfectly honest, I don’t actually believe in THE one. I feel like relationships are much deeper than simply the love you have for one person. Falling in love is a wonderful feeling, but that doesn’t gurantee that someone is THE one for you. Finding someone who treats you with respect, shares some of your interests, is honest and kind, who cares about your well-being, is willing to compromise, is willing to commit to you for the rest of their life, who is your best friend that you can talk to about anything…those are the qualtities I looked for in a partner, and that exactly what I have found in Alex as a person. Through taking the time to really get to know each other, I have developed much more than just love for Alex on an emotional level, but also love for him as an phenomenal human being. Perhaps that makes him THE one for me. But to me, he’s just an amazing person I love and care about deeply that I feel blessed actually wants to go through this crazy rollercoaster of life with me 🙂
He said: Devon and I first met at a high school football game with a mutual friend several years ago. This seemed like any other event outing with friends, but I had no idea how significant meeting her then would be to my future. We started dating a couple years later while we were both working at the Shades Valley YMCA; I was a pool boy and she was a counselor. We began to spend a fair amount of time together in the preceding years and became quite fond of each other. After learning more about what kind of person she was and how we felt about each other, I made my decision that I did not want her going anywhere else. Devon is a goofy/silly, weird, kind-hearted young lady who treats everybody the way she would want to be treated. When we are together, it’s like we are in our own silly goofy world with our cheesy lame jokes. While our silly personalities compliment each other, her level-headed realistic mindset helps balance out my very optimistic, happy-go-lucky demeanor (she helps keep me grounded). She truly wants what’s best for me in all aspects of life and helps push me to better myself. She truly is my other half and I honestly do not know what I’d do without her.  I love Devon Edwards (soon to be Elston) and cannot wait for us to spend the rest of our lives together. She is the one for me and I would not have it any other way.



photos: AL Weddings 

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