17 Nov Groom and Groomsmen in Jackets… A Must!

I completely get it when a bride tells me she wants to make her man happy and let him and his groomsmen go casual to the wedding. I do, I really do… but no matter where you get married, you, your groom and your wedding party should all look special!

These days, most men wear slacks and nice button-down shirts to work, or to church or out to dinner for a nice meal. You want your wedding day photos to reflect more than just an average day. If casual is still a must, allow him to nix the tie, but don’t skip the jacket. Without it, the pants just look lonely. Consider this also… you, being the bride, will have most likely scoured several stores looking for the perfect dress that not only conveys your style but that also makes you look like a bride. Shouldn’t your groom dress to do the same?

Check out these photos showing guys with and without jackets. The men are all handsome in both, the photos are both excellent, but don’t you think the guys in the second photo convey they were together for a special day?

Groomsmen without jackets

Blue Moon Studios


Groomsmen with jackets

Stephen Rudd Photography

If you still find yourself tugging to get your way, then compromise… tell him just for the photos and the ceremony. When the party begins, they can lose the jackets!

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