Shelicia & Charlton | Vulcan Park Wedding

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I think when you view the photos below of Shelicia and Charlton's wedding day, you'll see why I loved working with this couple. I don't think they ever came to a meeting where they weren't smiling. And to me Shelicia's smile can light up a room. It's simply beautiful! This couple had been together … [Read more...]

Deanna & Cairo | Bridgestreet Wedding

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What happens when a beautiful young woman from Alabama says "yes" to a handsome man from Egypt? You get a gorgeous wedding day celebration that provides a nod to each others lives and heritage. Deanna and Cairo met many years ago online and it wasn't long before the two fell in love. You can see how … [Read more...]

Understanding Wedding Vendors III

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Wedding Photographers and Videographers For your wedding day, you possibly have in mind an easy-going morning where you rise and shine, eat a little breakfast, check-in on social media, maybe take a nice long soak in the tub and then eventually make your way to your church or venue to start … [Read more...]

Understanding Wedding Vendors II

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Part Two - The Wedding Planner Since this is what I do for a living, I’m going to do my best to fill you in so you have a better understanding about my kind. I hope by the end of this, you’ll gain more insight into what the job entails, be able to let go of any preconceived notions about … [Read more...]