Dallas & Caleb | Ross Bridge Wedding

Ross Bridge Wedding-0500

Oh... My... Gosh y'all... It took me forever to go through Dallas and Caleb's wedding photos to select all of my favorites and it was quite a task! We were blessed with a gorgeous May day at Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa and from the first application of makeup to the final moments … [Read more...]

Christie & Steven | Park Crest Wedding


When I first met with Christie and joined her wedding day team, we had about two months to finish up all of her details. I had a great time at every planning meeting because the couple's sweet little girl, Avery, was usually in attendance.  This was a beautiful wedding that completed the circle for … [Read more...]

Understanding Wedding Vendors V

Windwood 8

Catering The food and beverages you treat your guests to at your wedding is definitely an area you want to spend a good deal of time investigating and talking with various catering options available to you. Depending upon the venue you have chosen, your choice or choices may be limited … [Read more...]