Dallas & Caleb | Engagement Photos

Moss Rock Engagement-5

Today I'm sharing these truly fantastic engagement photos of Dallas and Caleb. Kelli and Daniel of Kelli + Daniel Taylor Photography are pure geniuses behind their lenses! I absolutely love the creativity they used taking this sweet couple all around Moss Rock Preserve in Hoover, Alabama for their … [Read more...]

Wedding Nightmares

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Let me preface this post by saying there is no beautiful wedding images to been seen here or any valuable advice to gain by reading it. This is simply me interjecting some of my thoughts out into the world and sharing some bizarre happenings, that other than writing about them, I have no clue what … [Read more...]

Mr. and Mrs. Quan Raines | After Wedding Session

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I know you've heard of "Trashing the Dress" and those photos can be fantastic, but it breaks my heart to see some of the most beautiful gowns destroyed. Consider an "After Session" instead. You can do them the day after the wedding, a week, a month, or more after, or even on your anniversary a year … [Read more...]

Artrella & Quan | Ross Bridge Wedding

IMG -1143

From my first meeting with Artrella, I knew I was really going to enjoy helping her plan a very beautiful and stylish wedding day. Artrella's sense of fashion was always very evident every time we met... I always loved seeing what she would be sporting at each of our meetings. And, it wasn't hard to … [Read more...]

Sally & Baby Harper’s Shower


So I'm finally getting around to posting about the baby shower I helped host for my youngest sister, Sally (aka... my punkin), in Florida back in May. With the amazing help from our other sister, Rebecca, and one of Sally's good friends, Dawn, a gorgeous baby shower was born. After quizzing Sally … [Read more...]