14 Apr 10 Pointers to Help Bridesmaids Navigate the Wedding Day

As a wedding planner with lots of experience I’ve seen a ton of bridesmaid scenarios play out over the years. Being asked by your friend to be in her wedding is a big deal and she deserves, on her BIG day, for you to be on your game. This starts with thoughtful consideration, preparation and execution of your duties. Today I’m sharing some great bridesmaid pointers I know to be tried and true and some I’ve picked up along the way from the lovely ladies that make up the bride’s tribe.

Preparation is Key!

The Dress… if your bride has chosen a dress line that allows her maids to chose their favorite style while maintaining a cohesive look, you are in luck. Or if she’s given a couple of color swatches with basic parameters for you to meet, even better. Just be sure to choose a dress you know you look good in and can wear well. Don’t go with the most popular style just because most of the other girls are going with it. If strapless is not your thing, it will be obvious when you’re tugging on it all day and night. Also, no excuses… have it professionally altered to fit you like a glove. Proper fit is paramount.

Undergarments… having the right bra in place and proper underwear on under your dress is crucial. And make sure you have these undergarments with you at your dress fittings also.

The Shoes… be sure to break in those shoes weeks before the wedding. Wearing them only around your house will help keep them pristine, while allowing you to get them perfectly formed to your feet. Also, consider trying Preheels, a product you apply to your feet prior to wearing shoes that helps to prevent blisters. And lastly, be sure to pack a second pair of shoes that will go well with your dress for dancing the night away. After all, your girl is counting on you to stay on the dance floor with her all night.

Details to Go… printed out copies of all the wedding weekend’s details are great, but if you misplace that paperwork, you are… well, you know. So take the time to preload all the key information you think you may possibly need for the weekend to your phone. Because let’s face it y’all, we all know where our phones are at all times. 😉 To get you started, here’s what I suggest… the weekend timeline or schedule, cell numbers for all of the wedding party members, addresses for all event locations (luncheon, rehearsal dinner, salon, church, etc), copy of your speech, photos of hair and makeup options to show the stylists, hotel, air and rental car confirmations, and the number for local taxi services or the Uber app loaded on your phone with an account setup already.

The Essentials… be sure to bring along with you deodorant, your own makeup (just in case you are unhappy with the look the stylist gives you), a button-down shirt to easily change out of and into your dress, hairspray, extra hair ties, mints, tissues, and a small umbrella (just in case). And finally a cool bag to easily stow all your personal items away for quick transport after the ceremony is done and you are off to the reception.

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Electronics… with the ladies, there’s always a need for power outlets, having an extra power strip along with extension cord is always a good idea. Throw in a phone charger (or two), curling or flat irons, and some mini speakers… you will be everyone’s hero!

Emergency Items… a small makeup bag is perfect to hold bandaids, hand sanitizer, headache meds, allergy relievers, Shout wipes, a Tide pen, safety pins, a small sewing kit with scissors, bobby pins, blotting sheets, baby wipes, and double stick tape. You get it, but the idea is to just be ready for the small crises.

Snacks… let’s face it people are at their best when they are not starving. Wedding days are marathons for the bride and her maids so make sure food and beverage have been taken into account throughout the day. Breakfast type snacks while doing hair and makeup are perfect, then make sure to include some protein or bulkier food items mid to late afternoon just before the ceremony to boost everyone’s energy levels. Whatever you choose though, be mindful of those who seem to miss their mouths more often than not… nobody wants to sport a big ole stain walking down the aisle in front of hundreds of guests. Be sure to include some of the bride’s snacks or candy and items like almonds, trail mix, larabar/cliff bars are perfect for grab and go needs. Mimosas are fun but keep the pre-wedding bubbly to a minimum. I’ve seen my fair share of tipsy ladies walking down the aisle and that’s a recipe for disaster. Be sure to have lots of water available and for those needing some carbonation, go for Sprite.

A Little Momento… who doesn’t love a hand-written note expressing how proud and happy someone is for them? So take a little time before you head to the wedding to pen a special message for your friend. She will truly treasure it forever!

Great Attitude… weddings can be stressful for even the calmest people. Being part of the bride’s tribe means it’s your responsibility to put your friend and her fiancé’s feelings and considerations first. You must stay focused on that fact and do your best to remain calm, happy, and steadfast for them throughout the wedding weekend. Remember, a positive attitude is contagious!

I’d love to hear any tips or tricks for bridesmaids you may want to share so feel free to comment below.

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