08 Aug 9 Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon

After months of wedding planning and having to make decision after decision on the smallest of details, couples often make the mistake of not putting the same energy into the planning of their honeymoon. This trip is a big deal! Not only is it a time for adventure and play, it’s also supposed to be a well-deserved relaxing break from all that wedding stress. Just like the wedding though, planning the perfect honeymoon has its own process as well. Here’s some helpful advice to keep in mind.

Don’t procrastinate – popular resorts book early so plan to finish reservations for your trip six to eight months prior to your wedding. The more time you give yourselves to investigate and monitor travel fees, the better off you will be to snag the best rates, There’s even apps that can help you monitor your travel dates to determine the best time to lock in and purchase.

Plan together – unless you know and can predict every thought your future spouse has ever had or will ever have about your trip, you should make it a point to take some time to discuss exactly what, where and why you want to honeymoon somewhere. You want to make sure this trip will be exactly what you both need and want it to be.

Sri Lanka – ohhcouture.com

Do your thang – if spending some days at a bed and breakfast on the coast of Alaska doing some halibut fishing and nature gawking sparks your interest more than a tropical getaway, then by all means, do it! Don’t feel pressure to book what’s popular just get that off your to do list. Makes sure your honeymoon is special to you both.

Get specific – be sure to define to one another what is relaxing and what is boring and if you want adventure, be sure to convey your comfort levels as well. Don’t assume your intended knows how you feel about activities you will be able to partake in.

Seek first-hand knowledge from the pros – the internet is great for gathering ideas and inspiration for your trip, but nothing compares to the knowledge and insider tips that an experience and professional travel agent can provide. Yes, they make their living booking trips for people but their connections and time-saving advice is well worth it.

Pula, Croatia – Nifymag

Balance adventure with rest – be sure to dedicate equal time for exploring and resting. It’s good to get out and see the part of the world you have chosen to spend time in, but also to get in some much needed rest and relaxation following a fast-paced wedding week.

Don’t wing it – chances are you’ll chose a location you’ve never visited and possibly may not return to any time soon, so it’s a good idea to do some research. This allows you to gather your must-see and do list and identify those touristy options as well as the off-the-beaten-path options to experience the local flavors.

Delay the departure – leaving the morning after your wedding seems like a good idea but a decision couples often regret making. Your wedding day is very long and often involves consumption of alcohol. Traveling the following day can be less than comfortable with a possible hangover or even mild dehydration. Plus there’s the fact that most flights leave early in the morning and making it to the airport by 5am for a 6:30am flight can be brutal when you don’t get to sleep until after midnight. Additional considerations are those arrangements that have to be made for someone to pickup the dress and suit from the wedding night hotel and the inability to spend more time with those long-distance friends and family the day after. And finally, Tuesdays are generally less expensive travel days and can be a good way to help keep a travel budget in check.

Pack the essentials – be sure to look into what the general temperatures and conditions are going to be during your trip to know exactly what to bring for your clothing options. An additional tip is to take along a copy of your signed marriage license. Let airline, hotel and restaurant personnel know that you are on your honeymoon and you may be surprised at how folks love to gift and upgrade newlyweds. Just be prepared to provide some proof and your license is just the ticket.






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