06 Nov Bride’s Gift Ideas for Her Groom

Men can seem really hard to buy for. Sometimes because they don’t really communicate what they want (ahem, fellas!) or because he has a hobby you don’t really understand. But when it comes to giving a gift to your groom, it needs to come from your heart. What does he really love? What does he get excited about in conversation? What shows you love and really get him? We’ve got some ideas, no matter what your special love is into…read on!

The Way to A Man’s Heart…
Is delicious food, I often find. His favorite expensive chocolates, a bacon-of-the-month club subscription, a gift basket loaded with his favorite guilty pleasures…these show you understand what he likes.

Give the Gift of Time
With a gorgeous timepiece, of course! It doesn’t have to be a Rolex, but a high-quality watch engraved with his initials or, even better, a message of love from you is a timeless (ha) gift. He’ll think of you every time he checks it!

Celebrate His Hobbies
Is your groom-to-be a chess master (or just aspires to be)? A beautifully carved chess set is a thoughtful gift that can be passed down through the generations. If he’s into woodworking or other craftsy hobbies, a set of crafting tools suitable for his hobby in a handsome carrying case will be appreciated. For the outdoorsman, there are a host of great gift ideas from an engraved compass to carbon steel accessories like fire pits and hatchets.

For the Techie
Is your man into high-tech gadgets? Get him something fun! A smart speaker, a smartwatch, or the latest iPhone are all savvy choices. If he’s into gaming, a virtual reality gaming set is hot right now. For the music lover, a high-tech soundbar will delight him. And if he’s all about fun, get him his own drone!

For the Dapper Dresser
If your groom always looks like he stepped off the pages of GQ, show that you love and appreciate his great style. You can choose something simple, like a classic set of cufflinks or an engraved tie bar (with your wedding date on the back). Or present him with something he’s always coveted, like an Ermenegildo Zegna tie or those Italian loafers he’s been eyeing.

No matter what kind of gift you choose to give, you’re giving it with love and that makes it special. Show your man you think he’s the best man in the world!

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