03 Jul Engaged Couple Spotlight – Bea & Victor

So far this year, I have been very blessed to work with some really great couples. You know… the ones that when you look at your appointment book you can’t wait until your upcoming meeting later that week. That’s how I feel about Bea and Victor! Bea is one of those “always happy brides” who treats me like I’m the bride. She is so thoughtful and considerate that when we get together she likes to treat ME to my favorite Starbucks coffee and even brings cakepops to boot!

Bea has some brought some beautiful inspiration ideas to the planning table and we are having a great time figuring out how to cleverly mimic them. Can’t share those with you today… don’t want to spoil the surprises we have in store for their wedding on November 12th. What I can share though is their really great engagement photos by Jessica Wright.


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