22 May Feed Your Wedding Vendors

When it comes to weddings, and life in general, a little bit of hospitality goes a long way. Whether you accept a cool glass of water or a nice cup of tea when you visit someone or not, the fact that it’s even offered makes a favorable impression, right? Same goes for your wedding vendors. Just think about the fact that your photographer, videographer, and wedding planner will be with you most likely from early in the morning until late at night. Then there’s your entertainers (DJs and musicians) to consider. These people work hard the day of and are very appreciative when their needs are also considered in the planning of your day. Besides, there will be natural down times during the day that are perfect for allowing them to grab a bite to eat and get off their feet for a few minutes.

This doesn’t mean your vendors expect to be served filet mignon or have access to the grand buffet along with your guests, it simply means you should ask your caterer for options for your vendors. A nice deli tray or boxed lunches along with LOTS of bottled water (vendors get dehydrated during a long day) setup in a break room is considered perfect. Or if a break room is not available at your venue, another option would be a small table at the back of the reception. No need to get the fancy linens or centerpieces for this table though.

Just remember… satisfied, happy wedding vendors equals a fun, energetic event with beautiful memories captured forever. In this case… Please Feed The Bears!

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