12 Dec Kelsey + Jack | Engagement Photos

Christmas is quickly approaching and tis the season for thankfulness and showering friends and family with gifts and gratitude. It’s also wedding week for Kelsey and Jack. I’m really looking forward to sending these two down the aisle this Saturday and witnessing their marriage ceremony. A lot of beautiful details will be coming together from a wonderful wedding team and I cannot be more proud to be a part of it. The whole team has enjoyed working with these sweethearts and we all look forward to making sure their wedding day is special as can be.

Hope you enjoy taking a look at their sweet engagement photos taken by one of Kelsey’s bridesmaids. I’m also sharing some fun Q&A with Kelsey about their story.

How/where did you meet and what did you do on your first date?
Jack and I met about eight months before we started dating. I met Jack while volunteering for YoungLife, a high school ministry which Jacks works full time for. I totally thought of Jack as just a friend until one day he called me up to ask me if I would go on a date with him. Taken aback, I agreed to go thinking it would at least be fun because I knew that Jack was fun. He took me to dinner and after dinner I remember thinking that I didn’t want the night to be over and while I was thinking that he suggested we go out for drinks. I had the best time because I was able to relax and be completely myself even on our first date.

Describe your dream date…
I love exploring new places so anywhere that’s new is always so fun to me!

Do you have a favorite movie or song?
Not a favorite movie, but our favorite Tuesday night tradition is watching This is Us together. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a must!

What guilty pleasure do you share?
All. The. Sweets. We both love sugar and sweet treats!

Tell us all about the proposal… anything not go as planned or was it completely perfect?
Jack and I had been wanting to go to the botanical gardens all spring and it would never get warm enough so we saw one Friday afternoon that the weather was going to be perfect and it was my idea to go walk around and see the gardens that day. Or so I thought it was my idea, little did I know that Jack had been planning that day to be the day her proposed for a long time! We got to the botanical gardens and he was calm, cool, and collected so I really had no idea a proposal was coming. He started his speech and was interrupted by people walking around constantly so he kept talking and walked us to a more secluded area where he got down on one knee! I sort of blank out here because I was so excited so he would have to tell you all the rest!

What do the two of you like to do together when you aren’t working?
Our favorite thing to do together is cook dinner. We love trying new recipes, and cooking our favorites many times thorough the week, most times with a glass of wine in hand.

What are you looking forward to the most about your wedding day?
I’m most excited to marry Jack (obviously!) I feel like the season of engagement is full of anticipation and waiting and I’m just so excited for it to finally be here! Jack and I are also very excited to be surrounded by all the people we love most. I can’t think of any other time in life that you get to have each and every person who has meant so much to you all in the same room together.
How did you know Jack was the one?
I knew I was going to marry Jack on our third date at a diner over breakfast. I remember not having anything significant to talk about on that date, but it was still so fun just sitting and drinking coffee together! I know Jack is the one because his priority is his relationship with Jesus which in turn allows him to love me in the most tender way. He is gentle and kind and I am just giddy at the idea of getting to spend forever with him! If the most exciting thing we ever do together is sit and drink coffee then I’ll be pretty content.

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