02 Sep Stay Cool Summertime Weddings

Well, we’ve finally hit some triple digit days here in Alabama and even though it feels like someone left the oven door open, weddings are still taking place outside. Recently our local CBS affiliate requested I give them some tips on dealing with the heat (see interview) and outdoor weddings. While I was happy to help them out, some of the best tips I gave were not shared. So I thought I’d do a post today to give you my tips to help beat the heat.

Time of Day ~ first to consider is the time of day you will be married. An early to late afternoon ceremony should be avoided to miss those times that the sun will be the strongest. Think morning or early evening.  I use a handy little sunrise/sunset app on my phone that I allows me to discuss the best time for ceremony, photos (when sunset and last light will be), and keeping the guests most comfortable.


Wardrobe ~ choose both light weight and lighter colored fabrics to ensure your comfort as well as your wedding party. Organzas and chiffons allow air flow while taffetas and silks will constrict. For the guys consider light grey or tan tuxedos and suits.






~ unless you just don’t want any portrait style photos of your wedding party and family either before or after your ceremony , then you will need to put some thought into these photos. Keep your photo punch list on the smaller size and create a timeline to keep the photography sessions from dragging on too long. Consider also having an indoor location for all the portraits to keep everyone in the AC as long as possible but then take everyone outside for some of the fun group shots for short periods of time. Find the shade!


Shade ~ with outdoor weddings I always recommend a tent or multiple tents be reserved for “Plan B” but that’s a post for another time. Having a tent or using shade panels with a cabling grid or pergola is a fantastic way to provide shade for the wedding.  Large market umbrellas are also a good option for shade and provide a different look and feel to the celebration.






Amenities ~ whether you are using a tent, shade panels, market umbrellas or just relying on the natural shade your venue may have, consider renting large fans and misting machines to provide additional comfort. After all… who doesn’t like a nice breeze?


Accessories ~ greeting your guests with some creature comforts from the get go is sure to make them most appreciative and look forward to staying through the celebration. A nice cool drink of lemonade or water, a program fan or a personal shade umbrella are all sure to please.





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