23 Jan Questions to Ask A Wedding Planner

There are literally hundreds of questions to ask a wedding planner when you are first getting started. Rather than create a post that will make your eyes roll back in your head from reading on and on, I’ve decided to put together a series of posts to answer and give you some insight to key questions that really matter.

  1. Are you available on my wedding date?
    First and foremost, I need to know your wedding date before I can even talk with you. For obvious reasons, there’s no need to waste your time, or mine, if I’m not even available. If you don’t have a date nailed down just yet, not to worry…you’ll just need to communicate the date options you’re considering so I can reply with any dates I do have open on my calendar. So save yourself some back and forth and go ahead and relay that information in the beginning.
  2. How do you approach the design for an event?
    Having the opportunity to perform full planning and event design for a couple is my jam. It’s important that each event be a true reflection of the couple I’m designing for. To do that, we spend some time delving into who they are in life, both as individuals and as a couple. The design exercise is pretty extensive, but as a result I’m able to hone in on both big and small aspects of their lives to create something special. Overhearing comments from guests during the event about how the wedding is “so them” is always very gratifying.
  3. How do you handle difficult wedding party/family members?
    In the beginning stages of planning with a couple, I ask about any potential family or wedding party issues I should be aware of. This allows me plenty of time to prepare for how I will deal with any possible situations that may arise. I also continuously work with my couples to help them with any unreasonable expectations presented by their tribe along the way. I’m there to remind them they will not be able to please everyone. It’s important to know what their priorities are for the day and to keep their eye on those, not what others think they need to do. Additionally, I begin communicating with the wedding party and immediate family a couple weeks prior to the wedding to layout my expectations of them. I’ve found that generally everyone wants to stay on the wedding planner’s good side. 😉

In the coming weeks I plan to delve into some additional questions to ask a wedding planner. In the meantime, I’m always open for answering something specific you’d like to know. Feel free to comment on this post or shoot me an email to [email protected] and I’ll answer you in a future post.

Photo by Bridget Flohe on Unsplash

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