11 Oct Stay On Your Path

This week’s Tuesday Tip (#tuesdaytip) is a reminder to stay on your charted planning course. During your planning process, there’s a really good chance you’ll spend copious hours perusing blogs and Pinterest boards for inspiration. In addition, you’ll most likely attend a wedding or two (or more) and exposure to all that beauty, inspiration, and pure coolness can become mind-blowing if you start down the path of wanting to include it all in your wedding. I call this wedding creep and it’s a real thing. It’s when all those great ideas begin to creep into your head and you start thinking that you just have to include them all some how.

In the beginning of your planning journey, you absolutely have to determine your priorities and find a few focal points to keep in mind to circle back around to when deciding on what to include or not include in your wedding day. Don’t compare your wedding plans to the wedding you just attended. You’ll veer off the course you set for your own dream wedding and ultimately end up being disappointed that you did. By setting your parameters and asking yourself to evaluate all those ideas you will stay on your planning path and enjoy the process that much more. Simple points to consider are… “at the end of the day, will adding this element truly make a difference?” or “does this really represent me and my fiancé?” should help make the picture very clear.

Happy planning and stay focused!



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