07 Aug Wedding Rings – The Order of Placement

Wedding Rings

Andrew & Jessica Photography

A common question most of my clients have is… what do they do with their engagement ring during the ceremony? There really are no hard-fast rules on the placement order of the engagement ring vs. the wedding band… it’s really a matter of personal preference.

Personally, I like to think of my own wedding band being positioned on my finger closest to my heart, so I, like many, wore my engagement ring on my right hand for the ceremony and then transferred it to my left finger afterwards. You can also have someone hold onto it until after the ceremony.

That being said though, I completely understand the thoughts of those brides who feel the engagement ring is the first symbol of commitment they gave to their future husband and they never wish to remove it from their finger.

Whichever way you decide to go, make sure you practice what you decide to do at the rehearsal so there are no awkward ring exchange moments.

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