11 Dec Why You Need Insurance For Your Wedding

As I write this post, it’s snowing outside. In case you don’t know, I live in Alabama. We hardly ever get snow. In fact, according to the local news guys, it’s been over twenty years since we last had a pre-Christmas snow event of any kind. And of course I have an event tomorrow! So now I’m playing the “to cancel” or “not to cancel” game.

Up until this point, I’ve only recommended clients get event insurance if they’ll have all or part of their event held outdoors. The event worrying me right now is all indoors but due to the less than ideal travel conditions for many of the guests (not to mention vendors) there’s a concern we may have no one to party with! I can’t just expect the venue to accept the cancellation and not have to pay the bill. There’s a lot of food that has been secured along with employees who are expecting to work and get paid. I totally get it, this is where having an event insurance policy in place would have made the possible cancellation pill easier to swallow.

I’m often told by clients that I’m their insurance policy. Ahem… while that’s flattering and all, and I have pulled off some miracles in my career… the weather, accidents, and those “nobody saw that coming” incidents are generally out of my control. I’m talking about things like your reception space going up in flames or out of business a month before the wedding causing you to have to book another space and fork out another deposit (hello… act of god clause in most contracts). Or the band bus breaking down on the side of the road causing them not to make it to the reception. Let’s face it wedding expenses can be steep and having insurance protects those investments from circumstances beyond your control.

It’s also important to insure your honeymoon as well. Travel cancellations (weather-related or otherwise) for that coveted post-wedding down time is such a bummer. Protect that investment!

You have several insurance options to choose from. First check with your own agent to see what you may already have in place or can add to an existing policy. There are also stand alone agencies such as Wedsure and Wedsafe that write these simple policies every day. They really don’t cost that much in the grand scheme of things and in the event you need it, you’ll be so happy you put it in play.

One last point about insurance, because I just have to. Your rings… be sure to have your engagement and wedding bands added to your homeowners or renters policy. Insuring your ring is just one of the topics I talk about in Caring For Your Engagement Ring. Imagine playing in the surf with your new hubby or wifey only to look down and see your gorgeous stone is missing or the ring has been completely swept off your finger. Trust me, it happens, so get them insured! Or better yet, leave them in the safe back in your suite.

Have I convinced you yet? If yes, tell me below why you are getting insurance. If not, tell me why.

Happy Planning!


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