04 Apr In Lieu of Favors

Brides are always asking us what favors can they give their guest that are both meaningful and something they will remember? Well, what if we said it’s something that they do not eat, or throw in a drawer at home and forget about, or that is not even tangible. . .

Donating to a charity on your guests’ behalf is always a meaningful way to give back and let them know what organizations are important to you and your spouse.

charitable 1

Charitable 4

And of course we cannot forget our four-legged friends! There are several ways we can give to our precious pooches in need for a home.

Charitable 2

Charitable 5

For those of us who must have a tangible item to give our guest, here are some ideas that are a little more hands on . . .


Let them have a gift that keeps giving.


Honor the ones that cannot be with us. Love these lanterns but make sure you are not being a fire bug!

We would love to hear what special favors you have come up with too! Please feel free to email us some pictures and details. -xoxo



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