06 Mar A Toast to Your Happiness!

Raising a glass to the happy couple is a long tradition that confers honor and respect to the couple’s new union. The tradition of wedding toasts dates back to sixth century B.C. Greece, where the host would drink from a communal wine pitcher to show that the wine was not poisoned. Now the tradition is a memorable way for the toast givers to celebrate the newlyweds.

Who Can Give a Wedding Toast?

Typically, toasts are given by the couple’s nearest and dearest. The father of the bride (or whoever pays for the wedding) typically speaks briefly to welcome everyone and thank them for coming. The best man’s toast has become almost mandatory and is usually time for some lighthearted stories about the groom and advice for the couple. Nowadays, it’s becoming more common for the maid of honor to also give a toast.

While it’s not technically a toast (as they can’t toast themselves!) the couple should also take the mic for a few words during the reception. It’s also customary for the groom to talk about how much his bride means to him, and end the speech with a loving kiss.

Who shouldn’t give a toast? Anyone inebriated at the reception!

Tips for Toasting

1. Keep it short. People will start looking at their phones if you take more than a few minutes.

2. Keep it appropriate. This is not the time for dirty jokes or innuendos.

3. Focus on the couple. Speak from the heart, and face the couple as you speak. This is their moment to shine, so don’t make this about yourself.

4. Rehearse beforehand. Practice makes perfect, and you don’t want to flub this momentous occasion. It’s fine (and charming) to have notes you refer to during the toast.

5. Have a glass of bubbly (or your favorite beverage) at hand to raise to the happy couple, and ask guests to do the same. End your toast with a cheers to the happy couple and well wishes for their future together.

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