“People will forget what you said and did, but never how you made them feel.”


Rachael Grammer | Lead Planner + Designer

Hello, my name is Rachael. I’m the lead planner and designer behind Two Hearts Weddings and Events. It is incredibly fulfilling for me to see a uniquely crafted, and flawlessly executed event that our clients will look back on fondly for years to come. I also consider it a huge blessing to be gifted with so many wonderful long-term friendships that have been developed over the years from working with couples and their families so closely.

My philosophy ~ by genuinely getting to know people and taking note of the details that encompass their lives, I work to create an event full of personal touches and charming details that make their celebration a true reflection of who they are.

My style ~ I aspire to provide an experience that is both relaxing and enjoyable by establishing a clear and organized path, keeping things light and fun, and helping clients stay focused on their priorities. I enjoy loving on and spoiling my clients throughout our time together.

My commitment ~ continuing to get better in this role is something I purposefully endeavor to do, so you will see me attending workshops, conferences and taking classes to ensure that our clients get nothing but the very best experience.

So get in touch with me… I’d love to welcome you to my studio for a consult. We’ll get to know one another a little better and then get started planning your unforgettable day.

I make checklists for my checklists, and take great satisfaction from crossing items off

My desk drawer must always have chocolate in it and I’m currently obsessed with ginger peach candles from Pier One.

I have the most amazing and supportive hubby and am mommy to two adorable dachshunds named Bonnie + Huck. They have been dubbed “the wiggles” and make frequent appearances on my Instagram feed. #adventuresofbonnieandhuck

Southern born – Alaskan raised, oldest of my siblings, equestrian since birth, gymnast, yearbook editor, sorority president… notice a pattern? Leadership, organization, and planning come naturally.

I’m a knowledge junkie and think podcasts are the bomb diggity. Music is my soul and in my opinion, Journey is the best band ever!