18 Aug Alexis + Jeffrey |Engagement Photos

It’s wedding week for Alexis and Jeffrey and I couldn’t be more excited to see all their plans come together. They have been a real treat to work with and each time I’m with them, I enjoy watching how in love they truly are with each other. Y’all, Jeffrey is so smitten with his bride!

We have a beautiful intimate ceremony planned at The Tutwiler Hotel and then a fantastic celebration in store for ALL of their guests at The Florentine afterwards. I can’t wait to share this event in a few weeks.

Until then, take a look at their sweet engagement session with the talented Lyndsey Cunningham and read their sweet Q&A on their relationship. I think you’ll see why I love them so.

How/where did you meet and what did you do on your first date?

We met at a friends house for an Alabama football game for the very first time. Our first date was on Valentine’s Day at Flemings. Before we left for our date, Jeffrey gave me a heart shaped box of Chick Fil A chicken nuggets.. best gift ever! We were both SO nervous (just admitted it this past year), but we ended up having one of the best nights ever! We discovered our mutual love for good food, conversation, and wine! 

Describe your dream date…
On a boat in Italy with a private chef and endless wine.

Tell us all about the proposal…

The proposal could not have been more perfect. A week before the proposal took place, Jeffrey had his mom text us while we were vacationing in Key West. She asked us to join her for a Young Living oil party when we got home. I did not think much of it because she loves oils and we agreed to go support her! The day finally came, I was told it would be cocktail attire and I had to wear my best dress. In a rush to get ready, I could not decide on what to wear so I ended up in something I had in my closet forever! (Not too happy about it, but it would do).

We arrived at The Club downtown and Jeffrey led me through the beautiful building to the top floor. Before I had time to think, we were on a gorgeous balcony and Jeffrey was asking me to be with him forever! In SO much shock I just cried and reached for the ring before I could even say yes… but it was the biggest YES of my life! I could not find the words for the overwhelming joy I felt. Jeffrey said the most beautiful words and played it off so smoothly. 

Right after lots of happy tears, pictures, and kisses, he told me he had one more surprise. We were taken to another room that was BEAUTIFULLY decorated with pictures and floral arrangements. I walked in to see all of our family and friends and just kept thinking how in the world did he play this off?! Next thing I knew, I turned the corner and there stood all of my best friends from hours away! He had them fly in without me knowing. I was SO happy. The day could not have been more perfect. To make up for my outfit choice, my friends had a beautiful white outfit waiting for me in the bathroom! Jeffrey made sure I would have the perfect outfit and makeup waiting in case mine faded.  We danced, spent so much time together, and soaked in the rest of the night. It was the most special night we will never forget.

Do you have a favorite movie or song?

Fun fact: I didn’t enjoy movies before I met Jeffrey, but now I’ve seen just about every movie there is to see! Our favorite though is Masterminds!!!

What guilty pleasure do you share?

Indulging in lots of ice cream or frozen yogurt.

What do the two of you like to do together when you aren’t working?

We both enjoy spending time at the lake, watching movies, trying new wine, and playing games like Dominos, Clue, & Heads Up!

What are you looking forward to the most about your wedding day?

We are both looking forward to just being married! We are patiently waiting while practicing our best dance moves! 

Anything else fun you want to share about your story?

Another fun thing about our story is when we first started dating Jeffrey bought me the Golden Retriever I just had to have. We drove two hours to get our first baby, Theodore. We are now a week away from our wedding and have TWO wonderful Golden Retrieves (Theo and Reese). 

How did you know you had found the one?

She said… Jeffrey has my heart for so many reasons. The biggest reason is how he pursues me day in and day out. Every single day, he makes me feel like I am the most special person in the world. No matter what I have to say, he is always ready to listen. Overall, I just love how we can have the best time together no matter what we are doing. He is my best friend in the entire world! 

He said… I knew there was something special about Alexis the first time I met her. After getting to know her it was like there was a gravity pulling me towards her. I went from staying in on week nights to organizing mid week dinners with friends just to see her again. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with Alexis and it didn’t take any longer for me to know that I’d marry this amazing person. She makes me a better man. She is without a doubt my better half. She is kind, honest, loving, and unapologetically herself. We’d stay up until the sunrise sitting on my front porch just talking. I didn’t care about anything we had to do the next day. All I knew was that I needed every second I could get with her. I knew she was the one. I knew I didn’t want to spend a day without her in my life.

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