30 Mar Baby Mooneyham – Reveal Party

Occasionally I get a request to plan events other than weddings. This is always fun for me to flex my creative muscles in new directions so when the Mooneyham’s asked if I would handle the gender reveal for their 4th child on the way, I was super pumped about it! So this is how it went down… Charity (mommy to be) had her doctor’s office call me, and me only, with the news of what the baby would be. I got this call weeks before the party and I loved being the only one who knew. For awhile now I’ve been kind of obsessed with giant balloons and any kind of tassels, so when I ran across this invitation I knew the direction I would take with the party design. I also loved the soft color palette and was thrilled to stay away from the obvious colors of pink and blue throughout the design.

We talked about ways to do the actual reveal and decided the cake was definitely the way we wanted to go. So I worked with the folks at Edgar’s Bakery (a local fave here in the Ham) on the perfect cake. I initially had a blue ombre look in mind for the inside but learned during the consult that the baker felt the varying blue coloring would compromise the taste of the cake. So we settled on blue icing in between the layers. This was a smart decision because it was scrumdillyicious.

Next I needed to work on an activity of some kind. There aren’t many baby shower games that are really all that fun and since this wasn’t a “ladies only” party, I knew the activity needed to be quick, easy and fun. So I put up a ribbon wall for a backdrop, created signs for “Team Boy” and “Team Girl” and wallah a way to get some interaction from the guests.

A couple of side notes on these fantastic images below from Piper Vine Photography… Brad, daddy to be, was secretly hoping for a boy but had lined up his thinking with Charity that it would be a girl. I laughed at some of the photos below during the cake cut because you can see him turning away but still looking back. Let’s just say he was surprised and very happy to see the blue inside. On a sad note though, their daughter, Olivia, was very much hoping for a baby sister. Having two older brothers already, I think she was hoping to even out the numbers a little so she was a little distraught after the reveal. The photos below of Charity consoling her and explaining she gets to stay their only little princess are so sweet.

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