12 Jan Caring for Your Engagement Ring


Since we are just coming off the most popular time of year to get engaged, there are lots of soon-to-be brides out there sporting some serious bling.  Therefore, I thought it appropriate to pass along some great advice to protect that new hardware.

Speaking from experience, it is no fun losing the solitaire from your engagement ring. I lost mine years ago while doing housework and the experience was just awful! I could have avoided the whole situation by just following a few simple rules…

Jennifer McAteer Photography

1) Protect your ring. Remove it during extended periods of housework or yard
work and keep it away from cleaners containing harsh chemicals such as chlorine
bleach, which can discolor the metal of your ring. Keep it in a cloth lined case or bag.

Fotowerks Photography

2) Get it inspected. At least once or twice a year, visit your jeweler so a professional
can make sure the diamond setting is holding well and to clean it really well. Most jewelers do this for free so go as often as you like. It’s so sparkly when it’s done!

Jennifer McAteer Photography

3) Keep it clean. Soak your engagement ring in warm water with a mild household soap or a liquid cleanser for diamonds at least once a month.

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4) Get it insured. Have your ring professionally appraised and talk with your insurance agent about an appropriate policy for coverage in the event it is lost or stolen.

So… enjoy it, but protect it! Anyone have any other ring protection suggestions they’d like to share?

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Vintage Ring photo by Lindsey Mason

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