04 Oct Check the Suit

Hello dear readers… today is a Tuesday and is the kick off of the weekly Tuesday Tips (#tuesdaytip) posts. Each week I plan to provide wedding and party-related tips to provide valuable information (aka lessons learned, some the hard way) that I urge you to strongly consider and be mindful of when planning or preparing for your event. So I hope you’ll come back and gather some insight every week.

Part of my responsibilities as a wedding planner is to communicate with the wedding party a few weeks prior to the client’s wedding date. In this communication, I provide the timeline they need to be aware of, suggestions of what to wear for all weekend events and let them know to call on me if they have any questions or need assistance with anything… because after all… I am their cruise director for the weekend.

A big reminder I provide to the guys is to make sure to try on their rental tux or suit prior to leaving the store. I don’t say this to waste their time or cause them any delay to getting to the festivities… no, I say this to hopefully avoid a wedding day problem. Despite my pleading, it never ceases to amaze me that often on wedding day, I get a groomsmen (and yes, sometimes a groom) looking for me with sheer panic on their face about having the wrong tie, cummerbund, vest, or even the whole suit… gah! Fortunately, because I AM A PROFESSIONAL, I have connections and can easily remedy the situation with a phone call, but for those who don’t have a fairy godmother (gasp!) on wedding day, just taking the time to try it on when you pick it up will do the trick.


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Another point about the suits… you have to remember this is a rental item. Yes, it is expected to be clean and provided to the customer in good condition, but it’s hard to make sure that everything is perfect with all of these suits. The biggest problem I see with them is a button coming loose. Again, your fairy godmother will have a sewing kit on hand to remedy the situation, but often times even I cannot help the situation if said button falls off just before showtime. What’s the solution you say?… check all the buttons before you leave the store. So did you just have a V-8 moment? 😉

Hope you’ll tune in next week… happy planning!


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