16 Sep Don’t Skip the Veil on Your Wedding Day!

Many brides think of wearing a veil on their wedding day as something that is just the norm and not much thought is given to it, while others can’t imagine their day being complete without it. However, there are those brides that think the veil is an old and stuffy tradition they’d like to skip. I say… not so fast there missy!

Bride with Veil Covering Face

Barry C Altmark Photography

Every girl looks gorgeous in her wedding gown with her hair and makeup done to a “T”, but in my opinion, no one looks truly like a bride until the veil is attached to their hair and that beautiful glow just seems to come to life.

Bride's Veil Blowing in the wind

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Don’t want to fork out that much additional dough for a veil? In the Birmingham area, consider browsing through the veils at Second Elegance. Elsewhere, check out consignment boutiques in your area. A veil is an excellent choice for that something “borrowed”. Most brides know someone recently married who would surely lend them theirs. Don’t let money be the reason you skip this very important accessory.

Illuminated Bride

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I know the veil can be a bit of a nuisance at the reception, with all the hugging going on, so consider removing it for the reception and be free! See… you can have the best of both worlds!

Bride with blusher veil

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Bride with Veil

Studio D Photography

Fotowerks Photography

Fotowerks Photography

Beautiful Wedding Veil

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