14 Sep Don’t Smash the Cake!

Cake Smashing

Matthew Druin Photography

There comes a point in the planning process with every couple that I bring up the tradition of cutting their cake and the meaning behind offering a bite of that buttery sweetness to one another. I always ask if they are planning to be “good” or “bad”.

According to Wikipedia… The joint task of the bride and groom cutting the cake is meant to symbolize their first joint task in married life. The gesture of feeding cake to one another is a symbol of the commitment the bride and groom are making.

While many a bride and groom may find the act of smashing cake in each other’s face both cute and lighthearted, consider how your guests may view this act. Mostly, it is construed as one or both persons trying to gain the upper hand in the marriage. It’s generally seen as a sign of disrespect and can be very uncomfortable to witness.

If you really want to one up your new spouse, challenge him or her to a dance off. Now that’s something both you and your guests will all really enjoy!

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