29 Jan Easy Modern Centerpiece Idea

So, I’m sitting here at a dealership getting my car’s oil changed and have some time to kill. I think I’ll do a post, but it’s a fun one.

Recently, I was asked to provide a simple but modern looking table centerpiece for an event. So after searching the internet for some inspiration I found a fantastic idea that I decided to replicate. Here’s the original idea from Camille Styles but I’ll show you the steps I took and my finished product too. It was super easy to do and a lot of fun!


And here’s how I did mine…

2 – 25 packs of carnations – you could probably get away with less, but I’m addicted to flowers and always secretively hope that my projects will yield leftovers for my personal use. 🙂
floral wire – I used the heaviest grade I could find at Hobby Lobby because you need for it to be strong enough to support the weight of the flowers suspended at the top of the hurricane candle holder.
large glass hurricane – you can use just about any style here, remember… I needed clean and modern.
large pillar candle
mirror tile 

And now…. Tada!















I added rocks to the bottom of the hurricane, but you could use crystals or sand for a different look. I also included a few more carnation heads inside of some little white glass cups and of course a few votives to boot.

This would probably work easy for some other flowers too, but the carnation is such a hardy, durable flower and comes in so many color hues.

Hope you have fun with this one and I’d love to see other variations if you’d like to share!

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