27 Feb Evin + Ryan | Engagement

It was a bit on the rainy side for Evin and Ryan’s engagement session but I think their photos are so lovely. The plans are all in place and we have a beautiful day, full of little details, planned for their wedding in Huntsville this week. Hope you enjoy their Q&A with me below along with their fantastic photos by Heather Graves Photography.

How/where did you meet and what did you do on your first date? Give us all the details…

He said: We met at St. Luke’s UMC in Orlando during a Young Adults Sunday School bible study. First date was to Jade’s Sushi in College Park, Orlando.

She said: We met in a young adult’s bible study at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. For our first date, we went to an Asian restaurant.

Describe your dream date…

He said: If she’s there, I’m good.

She said: My dream date would involve trying something new! Maybe horseback riding, or a hot air balloon ride, or party boat tour, or all of the above… And live music and wine tasting included would also be a plus!

Do you have a favorite movie or song?

He said: Maybe Mrs. Doubtfire? We don’t have a song, but we LOOOOOOVE the TV show “Impractical Jokers.” We have every episode on DVR.

She said: We have a favorite show… Impractical Jokers.

What guilty pleasure do you share?

He said: Cookies. Procrastinating. Ridiculous Buzzfeed quizzes.

She said: I guess we share Ryan’s guilty pleasure of eating Chipotle. We have an agreement that we will eat Chipotle once every week, but only once. He would prefer 3-4 times a week, but that’s way too much for me.

Tell us all about the proposal… anything go not as planned or was it completely perfect?

He said: We planned a day trip to Nashville while we were visiting her family in Hartselle. However, I planned an unannounced detour to Arrington vineyards, where I scheduled a private tour of their facility. The tour guide took us around all the grounds, explaining the winemaking process. We arrived at a cottage on the edge of the grounds, overlooking the vineyard, where we would be served wine samples paired with various cheeses and sweets. She discovered the bouquet and card I arranged to be set up on the dining table . The card thanked us for our patronage, and asked for our feedback regarding the tour by completing a short survey within. Instead she found a handwritten note from me, asking THE question, proceeded by the customary bent knee and offering of the ring I hid in my boot.

I don’t remember much of the tour; my mind was completely consumed by envisioning and second guessing the fast approaching conclusion to my scheme. She later told me she could sniff something a-brewin’ as our trip neared, but she said “yes,” so that’s a perfect plan to me.

She said: It was our third anniversary, and we had planned to drive up to Nashville to spend the day there. On the way up, he instead drove me to Arrington Vineyards outside of Nashville where he had arranged for a private tour and wine tasting.  We toured the facilities, and then we were brought up to our private room for the tasting. He had arranged for a bouquet of flowers to already be there, and he had a “survey” typed up in an envelope on the table. Behind the survey was a card that said “Will you marry me?” So, completely perfect. ☺

What do the two of you like to do together when you aren’t working?

He said: Disney, reading, bike rides, and guilty pleasures (see above).

She said: We love live music, going to theme parks, being on the water, and playing games like charades or card games!

Any fur babies? If so, what are their names?

He said: Tasha (canine).

She said: Yes! She is a lab-Rottweiler mix named Tasha. She has been Ryan’s dog since he was a kid.

Anything else fun you want to share about your story?

He said: We will definitely be a house divided: She a ‘Nole, and I a Gator.

She said: Fun fact… We were both born in Charleston, SC, and we went to the same preschool.

How did you know Ryan/Evin was the one? Tell me more about why he/she has your heart.

He said: Love at first sight for me. In addition to being drop-dead gorgeous, she has a sharp mind that is both stimulating and amazing. She makes me a better person everyday . But most of all, somehow she puts up with my stubbornness and ego, which makes her a saint in my book.

She said: I knew he was the one when I witnessed how bravely he handled personal loss. I admired his sense of calmness, quiet leadership, and perseverance, and I knew I wanted that to stay in my life.

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