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One of the most popular questions we come across is “what should I do for my (insert one of the following) hostess, bridesmaids, or groomsmen gifts?


This is always puzzling to the bride-to-be, considering she has a thousand other decisions to make throughout the planning process. Plus, this one is extra tough because you want to honor the people giving you a shower or devoting time and money to be standing on the altar next to you, but how are you to keep within a reasonable budget and give something with meaning to people of all ages and taste? What is a gal to do? Well look no further, we have come up with some options for you. . .

h o s t e s s  g i f t s


Usually ladies (or couples) that host a shower are already established. They are a bit harder to buy for since they already have “everything”. This is why we wanted to search for  * l o c a l * material that is meaningful to our Magic City!


How cute are these personalized canvas bags? Either for a mom on the go or a quick run into the grocery, these precious play on words are sure to grab some southern attention 🙂 You can find them at Alabama Goods store in the heart of Homewood or go to Originalbham.com


Okay, we have all had our fair share of salsa, right? But this one takes the cake! Sue Hasha sure knows how to get our tastebuds happy with these self city titled “Magic City Salsa”. Pair this up with a cute bowl and maybe a decorative spoon and you got yourself a custom (yet local) hostess gift they will rave about. (Found at Alabama Goods)

Sweet Home Cup

Well we couldn’t go local without something with “Sweet Home Alabama” on it! Check out our find at Swoozies at The Summit, beautiful stemless wine glasses! A set of four for under $30!

g r o o m s m e n  gifts


Boy oh boy! Sometimes our guys can be very hard to shop for since they are not ones to open up about what they want/need. So we have come up with a unique list of local items that will leave our boys happy to have to get all dressed up and act like a gentlemen (at least till reception time).

Seersucker Tie

Our men can be stylin’ with this seersucker monogrammed tie from Swooizes at The Summit. It’s available in different colors and fonts!

Bham Beer

One of our favorites we found was this local book on beer! What guy isn’t going to love reading this front to back? Pair it with a couple of pint glasses and you got some smiling groomsmen. (Found at Chickadee in Cahaba Heights)

Sit n Sip Cooler

Last but not least we found this adorable ‘sit and sip’ cooler that acts as a chair all while keeping your drinks cold. This is a perfect game day accessory! (Found at Swoozies at The Summit)

b r i d e s m a i d s  gifts


Buying for our gals is difficult in the exact opposite way as the groomsmen. We tend to have too many options on the table for the girls. We could buy for days and days, but the budget just won’t allow. So we narrowed down a couple of options that are unique and of course, you guessed it, local!


We are totally in love with these custom pottery jewelry holders from local artist: Susan Gordon! And check out below our next item we are equally swooning also from the talents of Susan. . .


Each bridesmaid can have her initial and color to wear the day of the wedding. Susan can even customize your colors. How adorbs?


And to wrap up our local gift giving we bring you the item EVERY woman needs: The Bling Brush | Ever wonder how some ladies keep it so shiny – now you know. (Found at Swoozies at The Summit)


Alabama Goods


Susan Gordon Pottery 

Liz Lane Art

Original Birmingham 

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