17 Jan Aunt To Be

Over Christmas I learned that I am going to be an aunt very soon and I’m over the moon excited about it! I realize this blog is first and foremost about weddings and my planning adventures, but since this is my first time to be an aunt, I cannot help myself… I am just going to have to share the journey with my readers.

Now, let me back up a minute and clarify something… I am technically already an aunt… I already have 3 nieces on my husband’s side of the family, but this is SO different for me. My baby sister, Sally, is the momma-to-be and she is my little punkin’. There is a big age difference between myself and Sally as well as Rebecca, our middle sister. In so many ways both of them have always felt more like my babies rather than just my little sisters. It’s hard to explain how this baby on the way feels to me… he or she already has a wonderful grandmommy (our amazing mother, Linda), but I just feel more emotions about this little one than I’m able to explain. It’s a good thing Skype has been invented. We plan on conducting lots of long distance group hugs with this little one over the years!

Next week will be monumental for us… Sally and Greg (my amazing brother in-law) will find out if God will grace us with a little boy or a little girl. Eeee!…. I cannot wait to find out! After that, Rebecca, Dawn (one of Sally’s besties) and I will kick off our plans for a posh baby shower planned for May. We have lots to do before the stork arrives somewhere around seven eleven… 7/11/14… I plan on sharing lots of this incredible journey here along with plans and loveliness for the shower. I hope you enjoy what’s to come! Images below provided by Adam Bennett

Rachael, Rebecca and Sally Christmas 2013

Rachael, Rebecca and Sally
Christmas 2013

Sally and Greg's Pregnancy Announcement

Sally and Greg’s Pregnancy Announcement


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