18 Oct Hire A Good Team

I cannot say this enough… choosing good and reputable wedding vendors is paramount to having a successful and stress-free wedding day. There are lots of talented people out there these days with cameras, creative green thumbs, and styling abilities. However, taking photos, arranging flowers and applying makeup and hair styling for simple occasions is very different than providing these services for weddings. A wedding day is complex and each member of your team needs to know the ins and outs and to be able to keep up with and handle the expectations.

The Shutterbugs – you know all those gorgeous photos you’ve screen shot and pinned from Instagram and Pinterest? Well those take talent to get those. A good professional wedding photographer will know how to use their camera to get all those great photos in the natural light throughout the day all the way through the low light scenarios common at your after celebration. These pros also appreciate a wedding day schedule and know the importance of adhering to it.

Floristry – I once discovered a group of bridesmaids bouquets just before ceremony that were nothing but sad, droopy hydrangeas. It was the first time I had to send bridesmaids down the aisle, sans bouquets. It was very sad. The floral designer you hire should be able to recommend flowers for your consideration that will not only fit within your style and budget but will also hold up on your wedding day. And knowing how to style these buds into sound compositions is the key to beautiful masterpieces rather than just a hot mess.

Covergirls – before you decide to go with your favorite hair or makeup stylist to handle your styling on wedding day be sure to confirm they are experienced with preparing several people at once (hint… assistants) and know how to stay on schedule. If not, your whole day will be thrown off. Styling for one is very different than styling for several all at once.

Basically, just do your homework when vetting vendors. There are several online sources you can check out for reviews (Wedding Wire, Google, etc.), go read them. Lots of great reviews mean something! Want to take it a step further?… ask for past client referrals that you can speak with. Reputable vendors will have no issue with this. And one final word… have you ever heard the following?… You get what you pay for. Well, never has this statement been more true than with weddings. Experience costs more but the results are always worth it!

Happy planning!



photo: Alisha Crossley Photography

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