05 Feb I Do, Now I Don’t!

So it goes without saying that since I’m in the wedding world you’d think that I’d always be surrounded by love and happiness, but occasionally the bubble does spring a leak and some not-so-fun news comes my way.

A couple of years ago, my younger brother was engaged to his long-time girlfriend and to make a long story short, she broke his heart one day… thankfully before they were married. She was decent enough to give him his ring back, but he was left with raw emotions and unsure about letting it go or how to go about doing so. So we put it in my safe and knew we’d deal with it when he was ready. Well, last month, he decided it was time.

I started by doing a little homework and got all kinds of advice from friends on the best way to sell the ring. I visited two reputable jewelers in town and received a lot of praise for the ring but neither of them could offer anywhere close to what my brother had paid originally. I then looked at Ebay and also Craigslist, but neither of them were showing comparable rings at anything close to what I needed to get out of it. Plus the whole meet up and exchange thing kinda wigs me out… yikes!




Then, when I was just about to throw in the towel, I came across a website that changed everything! Ladies and Gents, I give to you…  I Do, Now I Don’t. Oh my gosh, these folks know how to help you sell a ring! You create your listing (using their very good advice), include some photos, set your price and sit back and see what happens. Oh, and by the way, you can sell wedding gowns as well.

After a buyer clicks purchase, the folks at IDNID, let you know to send the ring to them for final inspection and once that’s done, they send you the money and the buyer the ring. They claim most rings are under consideration within the first 72 hours. My brother’s ring had its first inquiry to me within 48 hours. I was thrilled to say the least! It took the second inquiry for a deal to be made.

Now, the ring is off to California to land on some lucky young lady’s left hand. So all is right with the world once again… for now! 🙂

I’d love to know, have you ever had to sell an engagement ring and how did you do it?

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