16 Mar I Love Rock n’ Roll!

I have to say nothing beats the sound of live music, but if it’s not really good, it can make for an awkward party. I think we’ve all witnessed performances that were less than stellar and somewhat disappointing. You know, the ones that make you wince and close an eye from someone’s attempt at hitting a high pitch that only Steven Tyler can do.

The Negotiators

In the Southeast, there are LOTS of choices for great bands, but one of my favorites is The Negotiators. This group is comprised of 5 guys that are each very talented in their own right but together, they are a force to be reckoned with.

The night I first heard them, I was working a wedding reception at the Avon Theater. Like most bands, they started off with a light jazz medley during dinner but then once it was time for the dancing to get started, they really kicked it into gear. Each new set they played was better than the last and they really knocked it out of the park once they played my all time favorite from Journey… Don’t Stop Believin! Not only did the lead singer do a decent job with the song, he would have made Steve Perry himself, very proud. From there, it just seemed each song was better than the one they just played. They were even called back for an encore performance by the guests when the evening was technically over. It felt more like a concert than a wedding reception!

So if you’re thinking have a live band at your reception, please consider The Negotiators… your guests will be talking about it for years to come!


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