23 Apr My Niece Is On The Way

So by now I’m sure you’ve heard… “I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNT!” I’m so excited that I can hardly stand it! My baby sis, Sally (aka… punkin), is in her third trimester and both she and our little bunny are doing great! Not sure if I’ve announced it yet, but little bunny will be named Harper Addyson. So far we are all having fun watching Sally’s belly grow. Not much though… check out her 28th week photo below. We get a kick out of each week seeing what vegetable or fruit Harper is compared to. There really is an app for everything. And speaking of fruit, apparently Harper loves bananas… she goes nuts when Sally eats one.


My mom and sister, Rebecca, have been busy making things for Harper. They are the talented ones in our family and can sew or knit just about anything. I really wish they’d open an Etsy store.

Funny story… my mom started knitting me a new sweater late summer/early fall (can’t really remember). When I was home for Christmas she held it up to me to see how the fitting was going to look. It looked great and I just knew it would be finished very soon. {insert happy clap here} Along came the news about our little bunny on the way, most of winter came and went, and I still didn’t have my new sweater. Next came text photos of little outfits being made and it became quickly apparent to me… Harper had replaced my mom’s first born! {insert sniff sniff}. Just kidding everyone… my new sweater showed up via priority mail the same week that Harper’s latest outfit was debuted. My mom really does love me… how could I ever have doubted! 🙂

Now back to Harper and our journey waiting on her to get here…

With event planning, my schedule isn’t very abundant with time to make Harper anything myself, but I sure can PIN the heck out of what I’d like to gift the littlest punkin with. Most of what I’ve loved so far costs so little and she is gonna be very spoiled… this is going to be one of my first purchases!


About all I can do is just wait on her to get here, but first……….. let me plan a shower!

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