07 May Our New Intern

headshotI’m super excited to announce that Rachel Stephenson has joined the Two Hearts Weddings team as an intern for our 2015 Spring, Summer and Fall weddings. She is going to be such a fantastic team member and our bride’s are very lucky to have the energy and enthusiasm she will be bringing to their wedding days! Here’s some fun info about Rachel from the questions she so happily answered for me…

1) What is your full name?
Rachel Stephenson. I don’t have a middle name. It’s rough, because I don’t have a cute monogram.

2) Where were you born and raised? Tell me about your family dynamics. Any pets?
I was born and raised in League City, Texas. It’s a suburb of Houston about 20 miles from the beach. I lived with my mom and dad and older brother (who is 22 months older, but only 1 grade ahead of me), and we always had a cat or two. My mom was an elementary school teacher and my dad was a software engineer, but he usually worked in England and Brazil! Now I live in a house (which we call The Bomb Shelter- trust me, if you saw it, you would understand) in Tuscaloosa with my roommate, Abbey, and my two kittens, Sophie and Paisley.

3) What degree are you currently studying to achieve? And any specialties?
I am currently pursuing a degree in Restaurant Hospitality Management with a focus in event planning and specializations in creative design and logistics.

4) When do you expect to graduate?
December, 2015!
5) What are your short-term and long-term career goals?
Short term (5 years): to really just get a job in the events industry, and to dip my feet in the world of weddings. I have looked into some event logistics jobs, as well as convention organization, but I love the creative freedom and expression that you get from weddings. Long term (after 5 years): I would like to live in a big city somewhere (Birmingham, Nashville, Houston, Los Angeles, etc.) and have my own stand-alone wedding planning business. I want to be able to help brides find out what they want and make their dreams happen! 

6) Are you single or in a relationship with anyone? If so, who and for how long?
I am single! I was in a relationship for about a year, but we decided to take a break from everything to focus on our school. It’s complicated 😉 

7) What do you like to do when you are not studying or in class?
I love to binge watch TLC, HGTV, E!, and Bravo TV shows (Married at First Sight is my absolute favorite, followed closely by Say Yes To The Dress). I go shopping with my sorority sisters a lot, and on the weekends, we road trip down to my family beach house in Fort Morgan! I I love going to the pool, going out with my friends, and doing typical college things. I am definitely the mom of the group, though. I always have snacks and baby wipes, and I am always the one to drive. I also love listening to music. I play around with the guitar sometimes and I love to sing.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 10.40.26 PM

8) Any hobbies or skills? Any sports?
I love to paint! On my Instagram (rachel.stephenson), I will occasionally post pictures of canvasses I doodle. Inspirational quotes are my favorite thing ever! My freshman year at Alabama, I played water polo, and I was on a Houston USA Gold Junior Olympic team when I was in high school! I also danced for 16 years (ballet, tap, jazz, pointe) growing up.
9) Any major accomplishments or awards you have received?
At Alabama, I have been on the Dean’s List 3 times now, I am in Phi Theta Sigma honor society, Order of Omega honor society, and I am the Director of Sigma Rho Chis on the Panhellenic Executive Council. I am in charge of picking and training 125 sorority women to help guide the 2,500 PNMs through Alabama’s sorority recruitment in the fall. Alabama has not only the largest Greek system, but it is growing every year at an exponential rate. I chose to apply for this position so that I could better the Panhellenic community as a whole. I want to be proud of the community I am a part of, and I love the fact that I have been trusted with the position I have, which gives me an opportunity to achieve those goals. 

10) In case I forgot to ask you something important about you, tell me about it.
I love to laugh! I always try to have a smile on my face, and I always try my hardest to stay positive and to have an infectious personality. I am a people person if there ever was one, and I take pride in everything I do. I was a Debutante in high school, and I won the leadership award for my graduating class of 607. I was raised going to church, and I have a very strong faith. I try to be as transparent as possible! I’m an open book. 🙂

So to recap… Rachel shares my love of all things weddings, is always prepared (snacks and baby wipes on her at all times), loves to laugh, not to mention loves listening to music and singing. Yep… she is totally going to fit in with me and Kerri on wedding days!

We are SOOO excited to have you Rachel and hope you enjoy your Two Hearts Wedding experience!

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