30 Apr Rehearsal Dinner – Superior Grill

I normally decline invitations to my clients rehearsal dinners, but recently I accepted because it was one of my favorite restaurants in Birmingham doing the catering… Superior Grill!

I just had to check out the setup. Man, they did not disappoint! Talk about an abundance of food and people were seriously chowing down! Then there was the margarita bar… two choices… on the rocks or frozen from this awesome machine. I felt like I was a kid again going down to my local Circle K to get an Icee only this was better… much better!

Photo: Noel Barnhurst

There was a long buffet that included tortillas to build your own fajitas and burritos. There were beautifully grilled vegetables and toppings galore. Then there were their homemade tortilla chips and several salsas, not to mention Queso! It was all so YUMMY and very affordable too!

So if you’re not sure what to do about your rehearsal dinner (or even reception for that matter) consider Superior Grill. If you don’t have one, look into other Mexican catering services… I highly recommend it!

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