20 Nov Bustling Your Wedding Gown

Brides generally spend a pretty penny on a beautiful wedding gown but sometimes are not given the best advice and assistance when it comes to the bustling of the train. I’ve seen all kinds of bustling options and the best are the ones that allow the train to be gathered from underneath and tied up to meet the length of the skirt. This works well for gowns that are made with smooth fabrics.

For gowns that have lots of ruffles and poofy fabrics on the skirt and train, bustling can be a challenge. Generally the trains for these gowns do not look good gathered from underneath. They look best gathered and secured to the dress somewhere along the bride’s lower back allowing all the ruffles to add more fun to the back of the dress. It’s a very cute look!

This past weekend, my bride had the cutest ruffled gown with beautiful feathers all over the skirt and train. Needless to say, I LOVED this gown! The only problem turned out to be the weight of the train and the method the dress shop had chosen to bustle it for her. It was a simple loop that was to hook over one of the buttons on the back. This worked well until about mid way through the reception. One by one, the buttons holding the train would come loose and the train would fall. The bride had her friends reattaching it for her as needed and by the time I learned of her trouble with it, she had lost 4 buttons. And yes, I have a fix for this very problem… I have a nice brooch in my emergency kit that looks beautiful holding up a train.

So, my advice… go over day-of scenarios with the dress shop and seamstress handling the alterations to make sure everyone agrees the bustle will hold all night.

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