02 May Cool New Wedding App – Appy Couple

Those who know me well are very aware of my love for all things techy. I love finding new tools that make my job easier or life that much more fun to live.

I just learned of ┬áthis new smartphone app called Appy Couple and it looks so cool! As stated in their info write up from the app store… “Wedding websites are so last year!”

This app allows you to share everything about your wedding with your guests but it also allows them to share in the fun by allowing them to upload photos from their phones, get directions in a snap, send you virtual toasts and so much more… all in real time!

Then there’s the designs… I don’t want to say endless, but there appears to be a ton!

Still love the traditional wedding websites though?… Fear not… by signing up and starting your smartphone app, you still get a traditional website for your guests without smartphones.

As a planner though… if I can learn faces and names of the wedding party before rehearsal and be able to update them and guests instantly of any changes on day of… whoa… that is right up this control queen’s alley!

So what are you waiting for… download the free app from the store, check out the demo, and then go to Appy Couple and request an invitation to get your very own app started!

BTW… know of any other cool apps you want to share the love about?

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