20 Feb Elegant Beach Theme Rehearsal Dinner

In the planning of Bea and Victor’s wedding, the overall style and presentation developed early on around her love for birds and varying shades of blue. All was going along very nicely until Bea began looking at wedding invitations. She ran across a beautiful ocean inspired card that had a pale blue border and coral accents. I have to say I loved it too! Bea and Victor love going to the beach, therefore, she really wanted to include it somewhere in their wedding. I suggested we infuse an elegant beach feel at their rehearsal dinner at Vestavia Country Club.

Hope you enjoy all the beautiful images from Jessica Wright Photography!



Giant clam shells filled with sand and sand dollars for the escort cards.

sandersonrehearsal-109sm sandersonrehearsal-113sm sandersonrehearsal-111sm sandersonrehearsal-114sm

Use just a few flowers on the head table but go crazy with candles everywhere else! Tons of candles makes a room look dreamy and who doesn’t look good in candlelight?

sandersonrehearsal-120sm sandersonrehearsal-122sm sandersonrehearsal-117sm sandersonrehearsal-124sm

Wedding Cake and Candy Station Alternative
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