25 May Wedding Budget Planning – Unexpected Costs

One of the first pieces of advice I pass along to clients regarding their wedding budget is to add a line item (a little cushion, if you will) that helps to plan for those unexpected expenses that tend to sneak up the last two to three weeks before the wedding and also on wedding day. These are the little jewels that can stress a bride out and derail the bliss she has been experiencing up until right before the wedding.

Items like decor for the cake tables, additional time for musicians to play or access to the venue for setup when the timeline changes, snacks at the church for the wedding party, and tips for certain vendors are just a few of the typical unthought of goodies I’m talking about. These may not sound like much, but when you add them all up, they can put a dent in your reserves you may have been holding for the honeymoon.

Even if you weren’t one, I know you’ve at least heard of this from the Girl Scouts… “Always Be Prepared!”

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