20 Jun Wendy & Andrew | Lake Martin Wedding

0982_x1252_D13A2541 I had to wait a while to write about Wendy and Andrew’s Lake Martin wedding but now that I finally can, I’m thrilled to share more background and details about it. If you want to see their wedding as featured on Borrowed & Blue you can read for yourself how fun this couple truly is.  Any time I got to hang out with Wendy and her mom, Sharon, was an AWESOME planning day for me! In fact we still grab lunch occasionally and always pick up where we left off.

When Wendy met Andrew, it was at her family lake home on Lake Martin. Her sister invited some friends (including Andrew) down for the weekend and Wendy and he hit if off immediately. They spent many great weekends at the lake skiing, swimming and hanging out with family and friends. This was why it was so natural for them to want to celebrate their wedding day in the very place where their story began.

As with any “non-wedding” venue and the fact that it was outdoors, challenges are always present. The house is beautiful but like many lake homes, septic tanks are usually the norm. Most tanks are not designed to have 200 – 300 people flushing all night so we knew immediately that a restroom trailer was a must. We also had to take into account that parking was a huge issue… simply not enough room for all the cars and boats we knew that would descend on wedding day. We solved this problem by hiring buses to shuttle guests from local hotels coordinating them along with the valet service to handle those not staying the night in the area. As for the additional boats, surrounding neighbors offered up their docks to the family. We also had to bring in an additional power source (generator) for the band.

Those were the “planned” challenges… easy, right? Yep, accept for the “unplanned” challenge that presented itself on rehearsal day just after I finished stepping the wedding party through the motions. A very wet weather pattern that was supposed to be stay over N. Alabama that weekend, shifted south. To make matters worse, I had been monitoring the weather all week, trusting my weather sources, and actually cancelled the backup tents I had on reserve for the wedding. When I went to bed Friday night, I thought surely this will move out during the night and be clear for wedding day… after all it was not predicted. WRONG!!! Talk about my anxiety level shooting through the roof on wedding morning. No need for my morning coffee that day!

After talking some with the family about some options and what we could do, we called our rental and lighting company and begged for assistance. This is where your “vendor relationships” really pay off! Within an hour, we were told “the guys” were assembling the tents we were needing back in Birmingham and would be on their way to us very soon. It was only a two hour drive… no biggie! They were fantastic… they finished securing the two tents that covered the dining and dancing area with 30 minutes to spare before the first shuttle of guests arrived. And breathe…

The rest all went as planned and turned out so beautiful. Enjoy the loveliness! Collage1 0169_x0115_D13A0908 Collage2 Collage3 0113_x0035_9R6A8211 Collage6 0230_x0201_9R6A7514 Collage4 0378_x0454_9R6A7964 Collage5Blog2







The groom’s cake was a replica of the antique Ski Nautique boat the couple made their grand exit in.




Andrew joined the band on the drums for one song and brought the house down… guy has mad skills!

Collage7A bottle of whiskey was buried on the property before the wedding in hopes of warding off stormy weather. It sort of worked… LOL!




Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Davis… we love you both!

Special thanks to…
Photography ~ Unplugged Photography
Catering ~ Echelon Catering
Florals ~ Norton’s (Rita Weller)
Cakes ~ Teresa’s Cakes & Catering
Stationery ~ Annabelle’s
Stylist ~ Brittney Shelton
Band ~ Lucky Town (Music Garden)
Transportation ~ Alabama Buses
Valet ~ Intelligent Parking Systems
Ceremony Musicians ~ Auburn Quartet
Rentals (Tents & Lighting) ~ Deb’s Party Rentals
Rentals (Restrooms) ~  Formal Outings

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