19 May Bridesmaids Brunch | The Club

I had a great time planning this bridesmaids brunch at The Club for my bride, Melanie. With all the wedding planning, her fiancé off at flight school, and she being in her last semester at Auburn, life was pretty hectic and overwhelming. So when she told me she wanted to celebrate with her girls, but just didn’t have it in her to plan another event, she asked me to take care of the brunch. So I decided to have a little fun with it.

Melanie is such a sweet young lady and reminds me of a little doll. I think you’ll see why when you take a look at the wedding day feature for her and her sweet groom, Taylor. Anyhoo, back to that doll thing. I knew I wanted to incorporate dolls into the luncheon some how, and adding paper dolls seemed to be the perfect detail. My specific thought was to use the dolls as place cards. I asked my friend, Liz Lane, who is an amazing local artist here in Birmingham (y’all her studio is to die for!) to create custom paper dolls for each of Melanie’s bridesmaids and also one for her. I provided Liz with the style and color of the bridesmaids dresses and even their individual hair color. We had quite the range of hair colors for this bride’s tribe too and Liz totally nailed each and every one of them. Then for Melanie’s doll, I sent her a photo from her last dress fitting. She created a beautiful doll that became a keepsake for sure. I had my sweet friend, Julie Sumerel, pen the names on each as well as the cards for the cake. I mean… calligraphy… um yea!

The ladies were greeted first with peach infused champagne… so yummy! Then for the brunch itself, they enjoyed veggie and cheese omelets, greek yogurt parfaits with peaches, raspberries, and blueberries drizzled with honey, biscuits and The Club’s famous orange rolls.

Jessica from Hothouse Design Studio already had a unbelievable design ready to go for the wedding day following so I asked if she would help me tie the brunch into Melanie’s wedding scheme. Man o man did Jess hit this brunch out of the park! She brought in the loveliest of soft grey linens from BBJ and then added a full and textured table runner that just screamed… SPRING!! The colors were perfectly matched to the big upcoming event and gave the sneak peek of what to expect the next day. Melanie was beyond elated!

For dessert, I planned something special. We prepared a charm cake which seems to be a southern thing (thank goodness!), where you place sweet charms under the cake and tie ribbons and cards to them. I also added some of Melanie’s favorite scriptures to the charm description cards to make them extra special. The ladies had a great time gathering around the cake to pull their card and find the perfect charm. And that cake… Melanie is gluten intolerant so Glenn from Magic Muffins whipped up the tastiest gluten-free strawberry cake just for her. Isn’t it so cute?  Another thing I loved was the little robes that Melanie gifted her girls with. They were all different and the ladies looked so cute in them the next day when they were getting ready.

Hope you love looking through these fantastic photos as much as I have. My sweet friends, Eric and Jamie, were able to drop by and photograph this little event for me… thanks guys, love you!


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