16 Feb Wedding Day Makeup and Hair

Maid of Honor after makeup application

Often times while planning her big day, a bride can forget about the little details that can affect the big picture in a dramatic way. I am speaking about the hair and makeup applications she will be wearing the entire day.

The makeup and application chosen is a very important part of the bridal ensemble. Afterall, it will be forever captured in her wedding photos and video. You may feel your ability to style your own locks and apply your own facial coloring is best left to you, but allowing the professionals to perform these tasks is money well-worth spent. Besides, it is supposed to be a day all about you! But don’t forget your ladies… hair and makeup together time is very special.

Foundation: The professional will do a consultation with you before the actual wedding day to determine a number of important factors. None is more important than the foundation used to anchor your entire look. There are a few ways to apply the foundation but one that I have had recent personal and professional experience with is airbrushing. It is very quick and consistent and leaves a lovely even sheen.

Eyelashes: Eyes and lips are the two features most brides want featured in their wedding-day makeup. Other than beautiful shadows, the one application that can take your eyes from simple to outstanding is full false eyelashes. They will make you feel so glamorous and your guests will comment on how stunning you look.

Extensions: Not sure if you can grow your hair out in time for that perfect half or full updo you’ve had your heart set on. Not to worry, there are several options available today to help you achieve the look you desire. Hair extensions can be applied a few weeks prior to your event. Consult with your usual stylist about their experience level with extensions to make sure they can apply them correctly. If their experience level is not quite what you’d hoped, check with your wedding planner for additional referrals.

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