Melanie & Taylor

Today we are so excited to share with you the proposal photos and interview of one of our sweet couples tying the knot this May. Taylor's proposal to Melanie on a mountain top in Steamboat Springs, Colorado on a family trip is just the cutest. Hope you enjoy! How/where did you meet and what … [Read more...]

Tickled over Tassels

We have a new obsession that we are so excited about! You know when there is a trend that burst onto the scene and you can hardly wait to use it? Well, that is us! Okay without further ado here is what we are raving about: T A S S E L S Yes tassels! Creative experts in our industry have taken … [Read more...]

In Lieu of Favors

Brides are always asking us what favors can they give their guest that are both meaningful and something they will remember? Well, what if we said it's something that they do not eat, or throw in a drawer at home and forget about, or that is not even tangible. . . Donating to a charity on your … [Read more...]

Tiffany + Jackson | Swann Lake Stables

We couldn't have ordered up more perfect weather for Jackson and Tiffany's wedding day... not too cold and not too hot... just right. For the ceremony, the Cathedral Church of the Advent in downtown Birmingham was chosen because it holds special meaning to Jackson and his family. It was where he … [Read more...]

Welcoming Baby Penny

We were on cloud nine when approached to throw an over-the-top baby shower for parents to be: Trish & Richard. Being an Aunt to one adorable little girl, I was totally on board with a sea of pink to welcome sweet baby Penny. But we had a little challenge to add to this shindig . . . it would … [Read more...]

2016 Wedding Trends | The Gown

Every year we get so excited to see what will be trending in the fashion world. And of course that trickles down to the wedding world as well. We are thrilled to bring you a new refreshing look that blends a timeless, antique style with a new, current vibe to boot! Check out some of the two-piece … [Read more...]

2016 Wedding Trend | Calligraphy

It has been so fun over the years to watch what is trending in the wedding world. Some things stick and stay for years, while others seem to fade out as fast as they came in style. One year it's fabric, next it's the naked cake, then the chic barn yard scene... you get the picture. So what sticks … [Read more...]

Bestie Bash Weekend | Nashville Style

It's one of the last weekends you will have as a SINGLE lady, so how should you and your best gal pals spend it? In a three part series of "Bestie Bash Weekend" we bring you Nashville aka "Nash-Vegas"! If you are planning a weekend filled with girl time we highly encourage you to research the … [Read more...]

gifts for the giving

One of the most popular questions we come across is "what should I do for my (insert one of the following) hostess, bridesmaids, or groomsmen gifts? This is always puzzling to the bride-to-be, considering she has a thousand other decisions to make throughout the planning process. Plus, this one … [Read more...]

trending for 2 0 1 6

It's not hard to see that Calligraphy & Boho styled fonts have burst onto the wedding and event scene (unless you are not on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs, ok you get the picture). But what if we told you the latest trend looking int0 2016 makes these lovely stylish words come to life? … [Read more...]