Hello!… My name is Rachael Grammer, owner and planner extraordinaire for Two Hearts Weddings and Events. Some of my brides even call me their fairy godmother. I hope you have fun browsing around my site and viewing all the wedding awesomeness. I’ve had the time of my life for 12 years now helping couples put together fun-filled, stress-free, gorgeous wedding days. I seriously never tire of planning! If you want to know more about me, just hover over the slides below and some fun facts will appear for your reading pleasure. I’d love to be your wedding planner, so give me a call and we’ll sit down and have a chit chat. Much love and happiness!… Rachael

Two Hearts… The Name

I often wonder why or how companies get their names. So, I thought I’d share how Two Hearts Weddings (aka THW) came to be. I could have easily just named THW after myself since I am the planning power behind the curtain, but where’s the fun in that?

Those near and dear to me, as well as several of my clients, can tell you that I LOVE music! I always have it playing in the background during planning sessions, when I’m writing blog posts, working on client projects, or setting up for an event. Music just provides me with a rhythm that makes life worth living.

My love for music dates way back to the time when MTV (Music Television) first started… you know… when the channel broadcasted only music videos. The very first video I saw was Billy Idol’s “White Wedding”. I mean, what an impact… that was awesome! The second video I remember seeing, and this song is still tops on my iPod, is a song by Phil Collins. Yep, you guessed it… “Two Hearts”! It’s even my ring tone… 🙂

“Two hearts living in just one mind, beating together… til the end of time, you know we’re two hearts living in just one mind, together forever… til the end of time”. I think you get the picture, right? If not, here’s the original video shown on MTV. I still love it and hope you do too!