01 May Wedding Guest Favors – Giving To Those In Need

April 27, 2011 will always be remembered in Alabama for being one of the worst days in our state’s history. The tornadoes that rolled through that day left so much death and destruction in their wake. Now that the initial shock and dismay is over, the hard work begins. People all across the state (and the U.S. for that matter) have been opening up their wallets, rolling up their sleeves and coming to the rescue of SO many affected. The numbers being reported for those signing up for volunteer duties has truly been heart-warming to see how much people really care about their neighbors.

The problem with disasters though is people are great to handle the needs immediately, but it’s the long-term assistance that can unfortunately fall by the wayside. A great way for couples to help with that long-term assistance or recognize a cause near and dear to their hearts is to provide donations to area organizations in lieu of guest favors.

Just a few suggestions for donations…

American Red Cross
Volunteers of America Southeast
The Salvation Army

For our four-legged friends…

Greater Birmingham Humane Society

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