21 Apr Wedding Gifts and Gotchas

During event final walk throughs, one of the many things we cover is who will be the lucky (or unlucky, depending upon how you look at it) individual(s) responsible for taking home any wedding gifts. I’m usually told the bride’s parents or siblings, but this can be anyone responsible that you trust. Unfortunately, most of the time I see the inevitable “deer caught in headlights” look from said individual when I tell them we are ready to load the gifts in their car when they are ready. This also goes for the top tier of the wedding cake to be saved for the first anniversary as well as all the other wedding day paraphernalia (i.e. toasting flutes, cake knife, guestbook, extra sparklers, etc.)

So brides… designate your responsible courier, but make sure you ask and then remind them before wedding day.

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Wedding Gift Registries and Alternatives